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Thread: Boe-Bot Whiskers

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    Cool Boe-Bot Whiskers

    My Whiskers on my Boe-Bot test A ok except I notice that the LED on the IC FT232RQ
    glows very bright and almost continous. Can anyone tell me if this is normal. I am a senior and very new to Robotics.

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    Default Re: Boe-Bot Whiskers

    The red LED adjacent to the FT232RQ is the transmit LED. It indicates when data is being transmitted from the BoeBot to the PC. If you have DEBUG statements in your code, the LED is on because the DEBUG statement is transmitting (even if the PC is ignoring it).

    The LED has no connection with the whiskers.

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    Smile Re: Boe-Bot Whiskers

    Thank you, I thought I had fried some component.

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