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    Default micromega FPU user defined function call - FCALL

    I am trying to call a user defined function on a micromega fpu. A portion of my code is listed. I am using:

    '-------------------- uM-FPU USER DEFINED FUNCTIONS ---------------------------
    INIT_REGS           CON     $00    ' user defined FPU function, initialize fpu registers
    PROCESS_ADC         CON     $01 ' 
    CALC_ADJUSTMENT     CON     $02 ' 
    ' =========================================================================
      PROGRAM Start
    ' =========================================================================
    Fpu_Write FCALL, INIT_REGS
    PAUSE 5000
    GOTO Main

    Is this the correct way to call user defined functions on a micromega fpu. I have already loaded the attached fpu code onto the fpu using the micromega v3 ide. I am trying to sort out if my hardware or software is buggy? Any ideas...?

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