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Thread: Propeller Speech (mic) Module: Interest? (board update)

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    Default Propeller Speech (mic) Module: Interest? (board update)

    This is my first ever attempt of a professionally developed circuit board. I have noticed that people have been wondering why only the Demo Board has the microphone. It is because the microphone's hardware has to be as small and as close to the chip as possible to reduce noise. I do not have an extensive knowledge of what "noise" is but because it affects the mic you can ONLY have the mic if you have the Demo Board. This is not suitible for cheap people like me who do not want to buy a demo board, it is also convienient for those who wish to develop projects involving the mic that do not what to have a custom board made. I have created a board with small, close together mic componants and a Propeller chip on board that should give demo board preformence without "noise". I have posted the EAGLE file here. It is most likely so full of errors that it would take a day just to fix them all, so PLEASE review the file and tell me the errors I have so I can fix them. Also, tell me if the setup is "noise"-proof and that the componants can work properly. If there is enough demand I will get some boards made by Golden Pheonix PCB and will start selling them online. If not, then I will move on. I do not want to be like·[someone I know]·and sell the hardware before the software but this is mainly for my Speech Recognition once it is compleated (if it is). Thank you in advance for all your help and comments!

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