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Thread: Parallax GPS Receiver

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    Default Parallax GPS Receiver

    I read in the manual of the parallax GPS receiver the following

    Please note that some products, such as motors, computers, and wireless/RF devices, which emit high levels of magnetic field and interference, may prevent the Module from receiving the required GPS signals from the satellites and may cause the performance of the Module to decrease

    I wanna use the parallax GPS with a Bluetooth microcontroller. Will the bluetooth affect the performance of the GPS module??
    I wanna use it to build a GPS navigation system of a vehicle.
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    I am not an engineer... So, I can always be wrong.

    You should be good to go. I think the warning refers to running the GPS and motors using in the same circuit environment/power source.
    If you run into problems, you can just isolate your elements a little.

    My Parallax GPS has survived every form of abuse I can think of an it is still ticking... and it works just fine sitting in my car, with
    all kinds of electrical noise ... and while I'm on the phone. Haven't tried it with blue teeth yet:)

    On the other hand... I have forgotten to hook up the signal line and my controller still gets spurious data:)

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