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Thread: Temperature and Humidity Data Recorder

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    Default Temperature and Humidity Data Recorder

    Hello all,
    This project uses BasicStamp 2P to interface with a DS1307,· SHT15, JP Module and 16x4 LCD display. Code used is standard PBasic 2.5, it should work on most BasicStamp chips.
    The project is a data logger demonstration program. It can record temperature and humidity data to MMC/SD card with date and time. Press the temperature unit select button switch to select Celsius or Fahrenheit.· The data can be processed to the virtual XY chart or Polar Chart through the website ( www.jianpingusa.com/jpchart ).
    ····· 1) Basic Stamp 2P
    ····· Manufactory:· www.parallax.com
    ····· Datasheet: http://www.parallax.com/tabid/440/Default.aspx
    2)·DS1307·· ···············
    Manufactory: www.maxim-ic.com ,··
    Datasheet:· http://datasheets.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/DS1307.pdf
    3) SHT15·······
    Manufactory: www.sensirion.com
    Datasheet: www.sensirion.com/en/pdf/product_information/Data_Sheet_humidity_sensor_SHT1x_SHT7x_E.pdf
    4) JP Module
    Manufactory: www.jianpingusa.com
    ······· Datasheet: http://www.jianpingusa.com/datasheet/JP%20Module%20Instruction.pdf
    ······ 5) 16x4 LCD Display (CM1644 series)
    ······ Manufactory: http://www.femacorp.com/
    ······ Datasheet: http://www.femacorp.com/Products/LCD/Character%20Modules/Character%20Modules%20Index.htm
    Data processed website:
    Attached files:
    1)······ schematic
    2)··· code
    3)······ project photo
    4)······ XY Chart
    5)······ Polar Chart
    6)······ Video Link: ···http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY6NPmKLrRc
    Author of this project: OldSpring
    Thanks to Parallax team and all forum users.
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    Cool project.· Forgive my ignorance on such matters, but I noticed you used the 1307 timekeeping chip over the 1302.· Did you need the extra ram, or are there other features that the 1307 has?

    Also, your LCD ties up many of your output lines.· Did you consider using a serial device like the 4x20 that only uses one output?· Just curious, obviously you had all the outputs you needed.

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    Cool Project

    One thing you may want think about is this to have it where it check the temperature and humidity data and see·if it has changed then record the data change and time stamp this would save on memory·

    I have one that Sid (·A person·that was on the·Parallax·Forum)·made for a few year ago and that was one of the thing that i want my· data logger to do which is very nice to have this is just a··

    If· you would like me to share the code with you i will

    ··Thanks for any··that you may have and all of your time finding them


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    Nice project presentation there. You included everything one could want to build their own. I also like the nice graphs of the data.

    Good job!

    Timothy D. Swieter, E.I.

    www.brilldea.com·- Prop Blade, LED Painter, RGB LEDs, uOLED-IOC
    www.sxmicro.com - a blog·exploring the SX micro
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    Hi OldSpring,

    i love your work! But a question: How did you get the DS1307 (I2C) on the Pins 8,9,10 to work, as they aren't the I2C-Pins?
    Do you have like a driver for that? Unfortunately, i can't open a bsp-file!

    Thank you,
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