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    Re: DMX512 to ArtNet/ACN bridges/nodes

    I have done a fair bit of research into this mostly for theater related purposes. If you are looking for a pre-done solution (I am assuming you aren't however) take a look at
  2. Re: Robot corral with a ground-level wire fence - best way?

    Maybe you could hack something like this apart---

    The wire could be as simple as an extension cord taped down to the floor, and the "sender"...
  3. Re: Propellering the Adafruit 16x32xRGB LED array

    I find the HDMI/DVI interface to be really neat because I do a lot of work in my high school's theater, which means most of our content comes from a computer or a video source that can be linked to...
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    Re: Quadrovers. The Final Chapter.

    I go to a High School that currently offers VEX as the most advanced robotics. I have been working with our physics teacher to get some tools/work on projects for the physics classes. A Quadrover...
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    Re: Fingerprint Scanner Module

    I saw this module also, and feel it would be a great addition for my robot controller!!! (I always have to add the big buttons and missile toggle switches with covers, so this would be right at...
  6. Re: Has anyone had a chance to really use an ASUS Transformer Infinity

    Hi everyone! We do have a transformer infinity, with the keyboard dock, and will say that it is great. It runs android perfectly. if I need to use Windows, I use an app called Spashtop, and remote...
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    Re: Can you run DC power over AC lines?

    Something along the lines as one of these might be useful...

    Includes a nice-ish box, and is cheap. Might...
  8. Re: Need help selecting Windows computer for Eddie Robot

    I'm pretty sure one of these would be nice, even has wifi, and I think it can drive 2x digital monitors.

    Also, here are a bunch of "vechicle"...
  9. Re: Vixen and the Propeller Christmas lights controller

    Hopefully this hasn't already been mentioned, but if you are planning on using this to control AC lights like christmas LEDs or the like, you need to account for the zero cross of the relays to PWM....
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    [chatter] Re: A nice read ... still very helpful

    Thanks Mike! Now if I only had more time to play with it!
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    [chatter] Re: A nice read ... still very helpful

    I'm a little late to the party, but that book looks like a good read.

    This sounds kinda like me! Except I would participate in Science Fairs if we had them around here. I also find it amazing...
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    Re: Project box for Spinneret Web Server

    I think that this has been mentioned somewhere in the Spinneret forums, but I can't seem to find it. I was trying to find a case for mine too, but then i just ended up making one on my CNC machine. ...
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    Re: advice needed for aquaponics sensors

    For the ph sensor, you may want to take a look here:

    They make little boards that take an imput from a normal ph, orp,etc. Sensor, and convert it to a serial signal...
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    [solved] Re: XBee non-responsive

    I had this happen over the weekend, and got them to work using the same mentioned.
  15. Re: Ken's QuadCopter Build Log (now includes videos)

    Really neat project, especially since you made it on a short schedule. I started to make one, then lost interest due to the programming aspect, but the board you are using would work...
  16. Re: UPENE 2011: Propeller based Robotics contest


    Are you sure I don't get a bonus again? It was only a nerf gun I had on there last year. (This year im putting an airsoft on my winnings from last year :) )

    Can't wait to see what...
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    [chatter] Re: Entertained to a lack of imagination?


    I have to agree with you, our society tends to not be "hands on."

    Last semester, as a freshman in high school, I took a tech theater class, which is one of the more technical classes, ( I...
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    Re: Propeller and I-Pad 2

    From what ive heard, Apple won't let you talk to a a serial device, without a licence of some sort. On the 30 pin dock connector, there are serial connections, and it technically possible, just not...
  19. Re: CONTEST!!! Give the Parallax Robot Base Kit a REAL NAME

    I got one...


    2*pi and 10*pi is a full circle in radians, and pi+ng is a ping sensor.

    or two...
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    Re: ICON for builders forum.

    Funny, I noticed that too...

    I think a hammer would be a good icon.
  21. Re: National Robotics Week - A Call For Presentations!

    I wish I could have been there, it sounds like a lot of fun.

    Matt- Maybe you could use some of this to fix your bot... :)
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    Android Interface

    I hope this hasn't been posted yet in another forum, but i thought is pretty cool. I got a Tmobile G2 about a month ago and love it, and this board would make...
  23. Re: Propeller gcode interpreter for CNC and 3D Printer

    Very neat thread! I'm doing something like this, on my 2x3 CNC router. I am planning on using emc2, but hope to move it to propeller. I also got ahold of a Panelview 600 touch screen from Allen...
  24. Re: Wired LCD display with keypad to mount on wall with tech docs?

    Personally, I would run a 3-4 line serial cable, and then put a separate prop board and LCD in the wall. I think Rayman's 4.3" touchscreen would work nicely, and they are the same price as a...
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    Re: Robot to determine location

    Hopefully this hasn't been mentioned (I'm on my phones small screen and didn't read the entire thing), what what I think night work best here is the microsoft Kinect. I don't have one yet, but the...
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