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    [chatter] Re: Don't lose your head over this.

    Still gives me hope to walk again some day.

    Thanks for posting..
  2. Re: Parallax's Chris and Wendy Savage - an important call to our customers for assist

    Hi Criss

    You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Re: Please help with Cat problem

    For my son who has done this twice in recent years keep them seperated from each other but so they can see each other. Feed them at the same time in full view of each other. After several days they...
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    Re: Five million Raspberry Pis sold!


    Just an observation and comment here. Due to moving my office and workbench and weather conditions (-4 F and snow) I have been forced to use the Raspi for the last couple weeks for my main...
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    Re: Twizzlers Double IQ

    Didnt work for me, I am dumber then a box of rocks BUT I am now diabetic...
  6. Re: Open Propeller Project #8: Eddie Firmware Ported to Propeller Activity Board

    Hi Duane, I like where you are going with this and I think the led support is great for many uses. I am robot dumb but have some febel minded questions.

    1) Have you tried your experiments on hard...
  7. Re: Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved??

    For some strange reason mine went through ok.
  8. Re: Brand new to the club, just built my little demo board.

    Great job I also love the card cage!

    Welcome to the forums...
  9. Re: SpinScope: A Virtual Oscilloscope for the Propeller

    Well I use IE as a sacarifical goat when some programs insist on installing junk ware. This leaves my Chrome pristeen..:innocent:
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    Re: Capturing NIST signal with a Propeller?

    Dont want to hijack this thread so please excuse this post. In the old days here in the US most PBS stations carried a time signal in the VIT's portion of video. Some vcrs used this to stop everyones...
  11. Re: S2-S2 Robot Communication Using GUI: need more ideas...

    Whit, I love it! Dances better then me...:cool:
  12. Re: TACHYON - A Fast and small Forth byte code VM

    I am as usual confused today. This morning when I rebooted my Act brd the extension file showed up in the start up screen, Peter please ignore my mental issues. :lol: I assumed that when the...
  13. Re: TACHYON - a very fast and compact Forth+SDFS+TELNET+FTP+WEB servers +EMAIL

    Same set up here except with an activity board. Load current binary works great, cut and paste the extend get to about line 17 and get a missing word, then about 20 minutes later I get several more...
  14. Re: S2-S2 Robot Communication Using GUI: need more ideas...

    Whit I love it! In HS I played a little Dixie land jazz in a band. That deffinately got my feet moving. Pretty good for a para...:lol:
  15. Re: S2-S2 Robot Communication Using GUI: need more ideas...

    Nice work guys! Whit love the accent! I live in southern WV so........Guess how I talk but throw in an Ohio and Pittsburgh accent mixed together.
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    Re: Circuit Cellar magazine

    This is great news! I stopped when Elector took over. It lost the vibrance imho...
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    Re: Laser Tracker Pan & Tilt

    erco, you da man! Very nice project.
  18. Re: Microsoft skips Windows 9 - new operating system will be called Windows 10

    Don't get me wrong, I currently use win 7 and have few problems but there are some. Microsoft really dosent get what people like us want. They seam to only think people use computers for Facebook...
  19. Re: Microsoft skips Windows 9 - new operating system will be called Windows 10

    Dont forget Windows for Workgroups, kinda like it in the day. Perhaps Gates should make windoze based on Linux. Flame suit on.....
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    Re: ReWalk Exoskeleton

    Thanks for posting these. Very needed here as in many homes unfortunately....
  21. Re: Radio Shack LCD: C vs Spin vs +PASM grudge match

    Thank you cavelamb...
  22. Re: Radio Shack LCD: C vs Spin vs +PASM grudge match

    Very interesting thread. Does anyone have a RS part number? Havent been able to find one here in the boonies.

    Thanks!! ::lol:
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    Re: Ir reader for cable tv remote controls

    Grin, too many years working with that and to lazy. :tongue :Maybe this winter...
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    [chatter] Re: Robotics Lab 3.1

    Very nice I am turning green!
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    [chatter] Re: Jessica Uelmen - Udacity Project Manager

    Its not exactly the conservatives that did this, we all let it happen....
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