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  1. Thread: I, Robot

    by Granz

    Re: I, Robot

    Absolutely! A classic, and a fun read.

    I re-read it (again) last year, my son, Peter, read it for school and I reread it at that time. Still great.
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    Re: Propeller powered Kickstarter project!


    Looks pretty cool. Not really an audiophile, but still pretty good.

    When I first saw your subject line, I thought that Jeff (OBC) from was launching a Kickstarter...
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    Propeller Powered Chat - going on now.

    Jeff [OBC] asked me to post that he is having a chat right now. All are welcome.


    Hey guys.. Let's start something new...

    I propose a weekly chat night, starting Saturday, 9pm EST...
  4. Re: Parallax Expos 2013 - any dates / locations yet?

    I just wanted to let you know that we are planning on having a robot contest (or two) at the PropellerPowered Expo this year.

    There is a discussion thread over at PropellerPowered...
  5. Re: BSA Robotics Merit Badge Mini Course Development


    Thanks, but I really made those notebooks for myself for internal use. When I saw the requirement for the scouts to use an Engineering Notebook, I thought of my notebooks, redid them and...
  6. Re: Cheap Bot, A Possible BSA Robotics Merit Badge Robot


    Thanks, I have bought a few of those HXT-900 micro servos from Hobby King before. There's just something magical about that $1.99 price tag - it seems much more than just a dollar less...
  7. Re: Cheap Bot, A Possible BSA Robotics Merit Badge Robot


    Do you have a link for those micro servos? I am in need of a few for some animatronics projects.

  8. Re: BSA Robotics Merit Badge Mini Course Development

    I ran across several MB counselors, who said pretty much the same thing. The consensus was that the counselor should make a rule, that any scout who comes to him must have already read the MB book...
  9. Re: BSA Robotics Merit Badge Mini Course Development


    Many years ago, I made my own Engineering Notebooks. They had pages for text, drawings, lists, program listings, etc. Recently (like when BSA first announced the Robotics Merit Badge) I...
  10. Re: August 17, 2013 NE Ohio Put this in your calendars.

    I had a meeting with my business partner (AKA: comptroller, keeper-of-the-nose-to-the-grindstone, motivator and wife) earlier and came up with some prerequisites for me attending the Expo this year...
  11. Re: August 17, 2013 NE Ohio Put this in your calendars.

    LOL - This is great - maybe I'll consider buying my next van there. :lol:

    This move will actually save me a bit over one third of the distance on my trip, plus it will eliminate my tolls. ...
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    Re: PE-Basic Version 0.16 July 11, 2011

    That did the trick - Thanks.

    Not sure what happened, I thought that I had tried that, but must have messed up something ...

    Anyway thanks. This is being used in that intro book that I told you...
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    Re: PE-Basic Version 0.16 July 11, 2011

    Hey Bean,

    How would I check the level of a pin? I am trying to pause a program until the user pushes a button on P7.

    The button is tied through a resistor to ground - as in the QuickStart...
  14. Re: "Parallax Shop" at UPENE 2012

    Alas, I spoke too soon; the Mrs. will not be able to make it. Thus, I find myself in the enviable (sorta) position of having ordered, and paid for, an extra Expo ticket for her.

    Is there anyone...
  15. Re: "Parallax Shop" at UPENE 2012

    We'll see you there then. I am also booked there (for Friday only, though.)

    This year will be a first! I was finally able to talk my wife into joining Peter and myself. This will be great.
  16. Re: "Parallax Shop" at UPENE 2012

    Last year, my son (Peter) and I stayed at the Econo Lodge (342 Milan Avenue, Norwalk, OH, (419) 668-5656) it's the closest motel at 0.4 mi from the expo. While it's not the Ritz, it wasn't bad at...
  17. Re: UPEDU - call for interested parties and suggestions

    Wow! I've always thought that it would be cool to visit "Down Under," but never did anything about it - until just now. Unfortunately, just under $2K (Pittsburgh to Brisbane and then car rental...
  18. Re: "Parallax Shop" at UPENE 2012

    Oh, I didn't think of that. Why would it be impractical? Is it because of them travelling by air and the extra baggage costs? If that is the case, they could ship a (or several) box(es) to someone...
  19. Re: "Parallax Shop" at UPENE 2012

    I am registered! See you guys there.

    I also want to second the sentiment of wanting a Parallax Shop. I mentioned this to (I believe that it was) Chip at one of the expos. Having a load of...
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    Re: PE-Basic Version 0.16 July 11, 2011

    I took the High/Low game in the manual and extracted the input section into a general purpose input routine.

    This subroutine does not take any inputs and uses only INPZ as a temporary variable. ...
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    Re: Propeller USB Key


    Like Rosco, I would also be interested in these. What kind of price are you looking at?

    If the cost is low enough, I bet Humanoido would be interested in these for his Tiny Stamp...
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    Re: I need your help. Simple Single Servo Robot


    Not sure if this would qualify (since it has a regular DC motor as well as a servo, but it does have only one servo), but take a look at W. Grey Walter's Turtle...
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    Re: Photos from UPENE 2011

    Yeah, thanks Jeff for the pics and Nick for hosting them.

    The expo was a lot of fun and I learned a lot (both about business as well as the tech side).
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    Re: UPENE Friday night supper

    Yea, Peter and I just got back to our motel - spent quite a bit of time chatting away (my Irish gift o' gab, of course). We had a great time and the dinner was great - Thanks Chip!
  25. Thread: Upene-2011

    by Granz


    Well, we are here and checked in to our hotel room (Best Western) - we'll be making a stop at WalMart and then heading over to the community center to help with setup.

    Anyone else here yet?
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