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    Re: assign functions to cogs?

    Note: the "&" operator is only valid in C++. Either rename your source file from something.c to something.cpp, or use the "*" operator instead of the "&" operator to make the error go away.

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    Re: C++ Polymorphism Question

    class Child : public Parent {
    void foo () {
    printf("Child called!\n");

    I have a funny feeling that...
  3. Re: The New 16-Cog, 512KB, 64 analog I/O Propeller Chip

    Hey guys,

    Sorry, I haven't been in this forum for a few days so this 40-freaking-page thread just popped up and I only had time to skim it, not read everything. If these are stupid questions that...
  4. Re: USB connector type for the Propeller Quickstart?

    For places like Walmart or Radioshack, cables are high-profit items. I'm glad I picked up a few of them at previous Propeller Expos :-)

    Incidentally, Monoprice has those cables (and many others)...
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    Re: Propeller 2 schedule

    That would be awesome! I'm planning on being in the area again in May, for a wedding and maybe the Bay Area Maker Faire, but I have a funny feeling that this may slip to June or later so I may have...
  6. Re: New! Setup SimpleIDE on a Raspberry Pi

    The video makes me want to try it out! Thanks Jeff and Heater!

    I think there may be an easier way to unpack the downloaded file than what the video shows, though. Unless the tar command on the Pi...
  7. Re: Andy Please Help! Compiler/Syntax question

    I think maybe what he meant was: what are the command line options that you can put into "Other Compiler Options", and perhaps "Other Linker Options"

    There are hundreds of possible command line...
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    Re: Proposal: A book for PropGCC?

    Hey Mindrobots,

    When I wrote my article with in-depth information about Propeller C/C++ programming, I definitely also had in mind that it might one day be part of a book. I figured, there are...
  9. [chatter] Re: The Official 6502 Versus Z80 Religious War Thread.

    I know a video capture device is a great way to work on the project without the monitor taking up space. Especially since my main development system is the laptop which is usually on a tray where...
  10. [chatter] Re: The Official 6502 Versus Z80 Religious War Thread.

    Thanks for ordering!

    Of course, blinking an entire video screen using 6502 assembly is much more fun than just blinking an LED :-)

  11. [chatter] Re: The Official 6502 Versus Z80 Religious War Thread.

    No biggie. It was an honor to sit in your shadow :-)

    I didn't really have a good setup anyway (it was basically the same as the year before, only I was using a tiny black and white TV instead of a...
  12. [chatter] Re: The Official 6502 Versus Z80 Religious War Thread.

    I'm not out of PCB's... I wish the problem was that simple :-)

    The latest PCB I designed and ordered from Oshpark (Rev 7 (EDIT: Oops, I meant Rev 8)) was for the Propeller Expo 2012 (yes 2012)....
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    Re: What is this error code?

    CreateProcess is a Windows-specific function; looks like this error was generated by Qt (not by SimpleIDE itself) because it can't find the compiler exe file.

    Try uninstalling and then...
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    Re: PropellerGCC on GitHub?

    According to this page, the 1GB limit is not a hard limit but a recommendation.

    While 655MB is a large amount, I think the large majority of the files don't change at all, ever. Many files are...
  15. Re: Anyone using any of the XMM memory models? For which boards?

    Side note: How often does it happen that a compiler is broken because the target processor's instruction set got changed? :-)

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    Re: PropellerGCC on GitHub?

    I second SRLM's suggestion.

    Github can be used to host the website as well as the code, and I don't think we would lose direct URLs (maybe I misunderstand what you meant there).

    I've used it...
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    Re: Inline asm not working as expected

    As far as I understand, the linker works at the function level, and uses references to determine which functions are needed; unreferenced functions (functions that aren't called by any other...
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    Re: Propeller II update - BLOG

    With SETTRACE (or SETNSAMODE? :-) ) will it be possible to use another cog to read the output pins, and if there's a single-step mode, to let another cog do the stepping? I'm thinking debug cog, for...
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    Re: Inline asm not working as expected

    Shouldn't the __volatile__ in "__asm__ __volatile__" prevent the inline assembly sequence from getting pruned?

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    Re: GCC - Call assembly from C

    Calling PASM from C is one of my favorite subjects, and I wrote an article on the Google code site that explains a number of things about it:

  21. Re: Global Var Set (or not set) w/o Me Knowing

    David, perhaps it would be a good idea to create a new (inline) function that starts a cog and takes 4 parameters: (1) cog code load address (2) pointer to stack array, (3) sizeof stack array (4)...
  22. Re: Pure Virtual Functions Cause Instant Code Bloat

    On the subject of C++ vs C: I've been programming OO software in mostly C (not C++) for over 10 years; when I started on the project, the Powers That Be didn't like how easy it is to introduce bugs...
  23. Re: Global Var Set (or not set) w/o Me Knowing

    I thought at first that you had defined g_SPIcog as an unsigned byte and tried to compare it to -1 which will yield the wrong result (if you set a uint8_t to -1, it really gets set to 255 and when...
  24. Re: Will the P2 have any one-step shift-and-mask instructions?

    I realized that. Of course in most cases the mask is a series of adjacent bits starting at the shift value, (e.g. 8 bits starting at bit 22) so it would be easy to design an instruction that divides...
  25. Will the P2 have any one-step shift-and-mask instructions?

    In many Propeller 1 projects, including my own, I'm seeing that a few adjacent pins are used together for some special function, and that some code needs to be used to shift and mask the important...
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