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Welcome to the Parallax Discussion Forums
We’re glad you’re here – The Parallax Discussion Forums were created to foster a community passionate about Parallax products, electronics, programming, do-it-yourself projects, and much more!

The topics discussed herein can range widely depending on which discussion forum you enter; we encourage cordial and supportive conversations within our forum community, regardless of the medium in use or the nature of the topic.

We ask that you abide by the forum guidelines listed below otherwise your posts and/or membership will be subject to moderation.

Posting on the Forums -

Clearly define your post:
Make certain that the intent of your post is known and can be easily read and understood by others. Your post might be a request for assistance, a question about a particular project, or a delightful musing; please include all necessary information that might aid the audience in a response.

There are a few things to consider when being concise in your posting: ensure the title is clear (ambiguous titles might become targets for moderation), define the elements of your post, and pick the proper forum for posting.

Questions about products or programming:
Should your post contain a question about a product or programming it is customary to include all details pertinent to answering the question. Please provide details about the product, your source code, intended purpose (if there is one), and other specifics such as firmware versions and operating systems.

No cross-posting:
Cross-posting is: 1) submitting a post to one forum or thread, and then submitting a second linking to the original post (without changing content or intent), or 2) creating an identical post in more than one forum or thread. When the same content is found in more than one post, even under different subject lines, the forum moderator will remove one (or more) of the redundant posts.

Bumping Threads:
Bumping refers to an individual member posting on their own thread, or others posting on a thread, for the single purpose of maintaining its position on the forums. Typically the bumping-post is made which adds nothing of significant value, or it's repeating previously posted content or thanking someone else for a contribution. Keeping your post 'top-level' on the forums by bumping it up is frowned upon as forum's tactic and doing so may be met with moderation. This also pertains to old threads being revived for no reason; if the thread is of use then no worries.

Signature Line Graphics and Avatars/Profile Pictures:
We do not permit the use of banner images in the signature line of the Parallax Discussion Forums, nor will we permit the signature line to become overly flashy or distracting.

Avatars must be appropriate for public viewing. We understand the importance of individuality; however we also have many younger forum members, so we ask that forum avatars and the information shared on the forums remain at a “PG-Rating.”

Posting non-Parallax related topics:
Although this forum is intended for ongoing discussions about products designed by Parallax Inc, other topics can be created; however discussions regarding outside products or programming may not receive any technical attention.

Content on the Forums -

Stay on topic:
Please maintain the integrity and focus of the original poster’s intent for their forum’s post; if a topic derails or if a thread is hijacked it will be subject to moderation. At any time you feel the discussion requires further consideration on a specific topic it is okay to start a new thread for that purpose, so long as it adheres to the rules and intent of the Parallax Discussion Forums.

Contribute to the conversation:
It’s good to agree and show your support, but please try to avoid posting useless information. If you don’t have something to contribute then consider not posting. This ruling includes images, emoticons, and memes; they are wasteful on the servers and are subject to removal.

Removal of posts/locked posts/relocation of posts:
Parallax Discussion Forums’ moderators hold the right to remove, lock, or relocate errant or belligerent posts. In some cases this action will warrant public notification or warning; however not all corrections made will require such action; we can choose to conduct these actions privately. If the inappropriate behavior continues after warnings have been issued, failure to comply will result in a temporary and/or permanent ban.

PG-Rated forums:
Although the actual ruling for a PG-Rating is “Parental Guidance suggested”, we’re using the term a little more loosely. No pornographic material or things of a suggestive nature; if subjects relating to an explicit situation are raised it will be subject to moderation. This also goes for overly graphic and violent material.

Forum community groups:
We allow forum members to create and maintain their own micro-communities, known as Groups, within the forum. The Groups may have their own sub-set of rules to adhere to, but all Groups must abide by the rules and restrictions of the Parallax Discussion Forums.

Blog entries must adhere to the rules and restrictions of the Parallax Discussion Forums; interactions on the blogs must also be conducted in a civil manner. We will permit the blogs to be slightly less restrictive in terms of content, but only so long as they do not become negative or harmful to others; the blogs are meant to be more personal than the general forums.

Calendar entries:
If you’re hosting an event that is related to Parallax Inc. or our products and would like to make the information about your event publicly visible on our forum’s calendar, please contact a moderator. We would love to help you advertise your event.

Commercial posts:
The Parallax Classifieds on the Parallax Discussion Forums is a great place to enquire for services (related to the intent of our forums) or to post your personal projects and products for sale. Be advised: Parallax Inc claims no responsibility for any sales or contracts of service made through our forums; post/purchase at your own risk

Code listed on the OBEX and web forum may be GPL, MIT, or otherwise licensed; mind the licenses of the software you're using and treat them according to their restrictions. Code uploaded to OBEX and the web forum, without existing or expressed licensing, should comply with the MIT license. Code snippets are to be treated as MIT licensed, minus the requirement to include the license text and mandatory attribution, unless under another existing license. We leave it to the good will of the community to resolve other cases amicably and to when applicable note known licenses.

Interactions on the Forums -

Be polite:
Polite lively debate is welcome. ‘Flaming,’ rude behavior, and personal insults are not productive and will not be tolerated. Swearing is absolutely not allowed. Members of the forum who engage in this behavior will be subject to a warning or permanent ban from the Parallax Discussion Forums.

Copying and quoting posts:
When replying to a post, it is not a requirement to quote the original content; quoting is a tool you may implement to highlight certain aspects of someone’s comment. Do not quote someone as a form of harassment, or to otherwise belittle the poster; these forums are intended to educate and inform others.

No multiple screen names:
Do not create multiple logins; it is considered poor forum etiquette to use additional logins to support or degrade any other posting. If you are caught posting with two accounts you will be subject to moderation, warnings, temporary or permanent banishment, and other serious action could be taken against you.

If you are unable to log in to an account please contact the forum administration and webmaster to solve this issue rather than create a new account.

Negative discussion of other members:
Do not ridicule other members of the Parallax Discussion Forums or otherwise make them feel uncomfortable. Bickering, mockery, bullying, and all other imaginable forms of negative social interactions will not be tolerated as it detracts from the intended purpose of these forums. Negative discussion will be met with moderation.

Thread hijacking:
If your reply to an original post on any thread has the intent to move the topic of discussion away from the original post, it is considered hijacking and will be subject to moderation. This also includes nonchalant replies with little or no substance that fail to meet the request of the original poster.

Political or religious beliefs:
The Parallax Discussion Forums is not the venue to discuss religious/non-religious agendas, nor is it a place for political rants or arguments. As stated above: the forums were created to promote and allow ongoing discussions about, but not limited to, products designed and developed by Parallax Inc. If you wish to discuss the existence of things divine or the most recent upheaval in the legislature of man, find another forum.

Private messages:
All private messages (PMs) sent to other members of the Parallax Discussion Forums must adhere to the same guidelines as the rest of the forums. Do not take your aggression to the ‘private’ realm. If you are being harassed through private messages, please alert a moderator; we will investigate and action will be taken as necessary.

For questions or clarifications on our forum rules please ask our Forum Moderators by e-mail (