• Jen J.

    by Published on 06-28-2013 08:43 PM

    Every year at our fiscal year end we put on our grubby work clothes and clean the entire building inside and out. Inventory is counted, windows are cleaned, the exterior is power washed, blinds are dusted, desks are disinfected, ceiling tiles are replaced, paint is touched up, floors are scrubbed, warehouses are organized, and so much more. It is a hard day of work but it is a fun day of work as most all of us get to work with people we normally do not, doing tasks we normally don't do either. This is Parallax team building at its finest. Thank you for supporting us in another year of business. Our building is clean and bright and ready for what the new fiscal year will bring.

    Parallaxians in their fancy new Summer hats.

    A certain Parallax president riding his unicycle in the building.
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