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    by Published on 09-16-2014 02:44 PM

    It's the Thurber Feeder 5000 - A custom built, home CNC'd / 3D printed robotic dog feeder.

    Our dog (Thurber) eats so fast he's constantly getting food stuck in his throat and choking. It terrifies my girlfriend, so I built a thing to deliver his usual amount of food at a trickling pace, forcing him to slow down. It's been so effective, he actually eats slower even when we *don't* use it, which was an unanticipated (but very welcome) side effect.

    Tech specs:
    - Parallax Propeller microcontroller to run the priming / feeding cycles
    - CNC'd polycarbonate enclosure (home built CNC machine)
    - 3D printed part interfaces between the pulley and the chocolate fountain auger
    - 44 oz-in stepper, with a 6:1 belt reduction
    - Feeding and priming cycles can be interrupted or restarted, all with a 1-button interface
    - Also, it actually does feed the dog