GPS VPN1513 extended Firmware

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[QUOTE=msrobots;1082677]This is a offspin of some other project i am working on.

So i needed a GPS-unit. And had some issues with the existing firmware.

After looking thru the source i decided for a major rewrite. So i cannabalized the existing firmware and reorganized it and rewrote some parts completely.

major changes are
- fixed stack-issue of original firmware
- fixed checksum-issue ... chksum now used
- changed use of LOCKS to PARALLAX Standard

- use Tim Moores pcFullDuplexSerial4FC for GPS (port 0) 4800 baud pin 18
and up to 3 serial cmd-connections (2 used)
(port 1) serial one-pin 9600 baud pin 17 like original firmware
(port 2) serial fullduplex 115200 baud pin 31,30 (easy testing in PST)
(port 3) commented out - unused

- added cmd Speed_DegKm ($0B) (format like old FW)
- added cmd Geoid_Height_Deg ($0C) (format like old FW)

- added all cmds in prop-format (RAW numbers LONG) ($20-$2D) (easy use with prop)
- added all cmds in string-format (RAW strings) ("0"-"D") (easy testing in PST)

and i put some documentation in to describethe public methods and values

here we go:

i hope this will be the attachment.

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