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PPDB - Using The Full PPDB - V1.3

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This is Version 1.3 of the "Using the Full PPDB" Project I am working on. I have modified and separated some code, changed some pin-outs, and used one of the PPDB's push-buttons to display the date. In later version updates, I will be adding more and more capabilities to the code.

From now on, All updates to the code will be in the Projects sub-forum so Check there first [URL][/URL] . I will be updating the title to display the current version of the code. All information will now be in that thread.

Here is an updated video displaying the incorporated push-button that displays the Date.


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    For those still interested in this project, I have not forgotten about it. I will be working on this again in a few weeks. I needed to learn a bit more (pun intended) on bit manipulation for the keypad I am connecting to the PCA9555s. It's slowly taking shape ;)