My YouTube account vanished!

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So I just noticed today that my YouTube account has ceased to exist. YouTube claims that I closed the account but I have no memory of doing such a thing. I have filled out the form to get my account back but I think all the videos (and tens of thousands of views) are lost.

I think it has to do with Google Apps and the account that I started to create to take advantage of email filtering, only to discover near the end of the process that I would need to pay for the filtering I was after - and that same filtering is already available to me through my web host. So I never completed the process, then a couple weeks later I deleted the account.

Somewhere along the way I must have unwittingly attached my YouTube account to the Google account.

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  1. davejames's Avatar
    .......sigh - bummer
  2. potatohead's Avatar
    Google accounts are a increasingly binary thing. Major bummer. I've only recently become aware of this behavior too. There are G+ users, who did something that Google doesn't permit, and some automated thing shut down their accounts.

    It's possible to lose:

    Gmail, Utube, G+, more.... when they are linked together. People with Android phones need to be extra careful.

    That's a real bummer...

    Goes without saying, but can you e-mail them? Worth a shot. Secondly, is there somebody who get some attention that appreciates your U-Tube stuff? Get them to say something too. That's how Lady Ada got her G+ account restored, after it was removed, due to it not being a real name.
  3. W9GFO's Avatar
    I wish I could email them. I have requested the account be reopened but I get emails from them saying that I need to use a different email address - even though the address I am using is the same one that YouTube used to send me updates about my account.

    This Google apps thing seems very useful and convenient but it is turning out to be enormously complicated, I'm thinking it would be a good idea to sever my other accounts from Google - if that's even possible.