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Jolly Ol' England!

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Greetings from across the pond!

For the past few days, Ari and I have been in Bath, England meeting with our distributor, [URL=""]Active Robots[/URL] and teaching a BASIC Stamp Educator's Course at the University of Bath. Here's a picture of me with some representatives from Active Robots: Julia the Business Development Manager and Antony the owner. The shelves behind us are chock full of Parallax product. :]


The course went really well, we had attendees from all over the United Kingdom. Most of them were already familiar with the BASIC Stamp, which I must admit made my job a bit easier. :lol:

It's really interesting to do these courses in other countries and learn how our educational systems differ. Although really, the same problems seem to be the same across the board (lack of STEM training, budgets, etc.).

I've included some pictures of the course here, hope you enjoy!

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  1. Whit's Avatar

    Looks like lots of fun! Have a safe trip!

    I was lucky enough to spend two summers in the UK studying Architecture - I was an architect prior to becoming a priest. I would love to return as a priest.

  2. vanmunch's Avatar
    I like it how you go to Bath and instead of a picture in front of the Roman Ruins, churches, or just the beautiful city you guys take your group picture inside a warehouse, that's focus.