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Hi guys,

It was time for me to start a blog here... so for my first post, I thought I'd post links to the two videos of RoboProp in action I just uploaded to YouTube:

Lidar Demo:


In case you missed it at UPEW 2011 on the big screen, you can watch it on YouTube now!

"Marco" being driven around by my wife:


a (sideways) video of one of my RoboProp based bots being driven by my lovely wife... Marco was at UPEW with me.

I will be updating my UPEW channel with videos of my products, you are more than welcome to subscribe to it, and leave comments.

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  1. localroger's Avatar
    Nice vids, Bill. You should glom everyone on to where you got that cool platform.
  2. Bill Henning's Avatar
    Thanks Roger!

    I got them at Custobots, here is a direct link: