Our robot in Popular Mechanics!

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  1. davejames's Avatar

    Are there any more detailed pictures available?

  2. W9GFO's Avatar
    Thank you!

    There will be many more pictures available but it may take several days. For now you can see some at http://modelstation.smugmug.com/Sain...1-Build-Season but the robot has undergone some modifications since these were taken.

    It's been a very busy past couple months and now that it is all over I think everyone needs a break. No one in our team was even speculating that we would go to the championships and we ended up with two invitations to go. One for winning the Chairman's award and the other for winning the Regionals.
  3. davejames's Avatar
    ...I'll go check 'em out.
  4. Tracy Allen's Avatar
    Great to see all those boys and girls hard at work on a constructive! project. Thanks for all the photos and videos.