Jessica Uelmen

The S2 Robot Hokey Pokey!

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Now that you learned the basics of using the [URL=""]S2 GUI[/URL], it's time to build on those concepts and learn how to move and play music with your S2 Robot!

[CENTER] [video=youtube;H4vU3YbFZDE][/video]

Then, we can combine these newfound skills and turn our robots into dancing machines. Particularly, the Hokey Pokey. (It's fun for all ages!)

So fire up the S2 GUI software, slip on your dancing shoes, and use the attached worksheet to start your own robot dance party!
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  1. Whit's Avatar
    Super! Duper! Cool! This is our next GatorBot meeting's project. Great job Jess... and who knew you were a singer too?
  2. ScribblerKart's Avatar
    I saw it from GatorBots Blog! :cool::cool: p.s. Can you do it for the left wheel, too?
  3. Whit's Avatar
    Sure you can ScribblerKart - I know you can figure this one out!
  4. mindrobots's Avatar
    This is hilarious and brilliant!! You're making me want to work on programming my S2 instead of doing my taxes!
    Jess, you're a great asset to the education group!
  5. Ravenkallen's Avatar
    Excellent job as always:)
  6. Jessica Uelmen's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! I must say I had a lot of fun with this one, so I'm really glad people are finding it fun too. :)
  7. Tony B.'s Avatar
    My son and I just download the worksheet and it worked great!

    How did you get all four to start at the same time or is that a little video trickery?

    Keep up the great creative work.
  8. Jessica Uelmen's Avatar
    Thanks Tony! And no, no video trickery. I had my wonderful co-worker, Stephanie, press two of the reset buttons while I pressed the other two and then we jumped out of the frame!