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DipTrace update

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As many of you know from previous forum posts, Parallax customers voted DipTrace as their favorite PCB layout and schematic capture software.

In Parallax we switched to DipTrace for Education and Open Source designs and also in Parallax Hong Kong for any new product design. Some more advanced projects leaded by Parallax Engineering require the use of Altium, but all Parallax engineers are setup in DipTrace too, as a tool to exchange information with customers in a more open format.

We recently setup DipTrace sales at [url][/url] and you can find a DipTrace page here:

I donít expect hobbyist to buy DipTrace from our page, since you can probably buy different versions of DipTrace directly from their website ([url][/url]) but we still wanted to add the option to buy through Parallax because some educators requested it. Some schools can only place orders through Purchase Orders in US and they didnít have a way to order DipTrace from Novarm. From now on, they can just send the PO to Parallax as usual, and we will take care of the online order for them. If customers request us to carry other versions of DipTrace, we will just add them to the current page.

And best news for last, DipTrace version 2.1.9 BETA with 3D PCB Preview was just released. We got to see a functional demo of the 3D PCB preview in an internal Parallax training and it looks great.

The new release also includes a library of Parallax parts. Novarm has been busy adding more and more support for Parallax parts in DipTrace.

If you want to see the full list of improvements in this version and instructions in how to download it, please follow this link to DipTrace forum post:

I hope Parallax customers are happy with this progress. As we said before, weíre listening to your requests and we try to deliver what you ask for.

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