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Of Things Foil...

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Hi All,

I've been using brass foil for power and ground runs in my recent prototyping efforts.

With a small sheet of foil...


...strips can be cut with scissors...


...and soldered for use on protoboard as shown.


But what happens when the supply of foil is exhausted? I went searching and could not find brass foil at 2 hardware stores (discontinued) and 2 auto shops (again, discontinued).

What now? I had a project that was screaming for completion. I asked a fellow member of the music team at church and he suggested...


Sticky-back copper tape! Awesome!

It comes in a roll...


...and can be cut into strips with scissors...


...and stuck on protoboard as shown.


Two other nice things about this product is that it's cheap (couple bucks) and most hardware stores carry it in the garden department.

Hack on!

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Updated 09-15-2011 at 05:17 PM by davejames

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  1. Peter KG6LSE's Avatar
    I use copper roof flashing for High current stuff.

  2. davejames's Avatar
    Peter - source and thickness?

  3. Peter KG6LSE's Avatar
    Lowes and its like 10 Mils or so . like half a fingernail thick . thickness .

    It comes in rolls . some with tar and some with none . It was like $30 .

  4. WBA Consulting's Avatar
    Wow, excellent post! We use copper tape from time to time but get it from Grainger ($$$). I will definitely keep an eye out for that tape on my next Home Depot trip!
  5. davejames's Avatar
    WBA - thank YOU!

    I am gratified that this info (and Peter's input) was useful.