Need help with first SX/B program

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I am working on a small project that uses a dot matrix name tag with the microprocessor removed, and I am trying to learn how to program the SX. I have done some PBASIC programming, so I am using SX/B. I am getting a little stuck. I am making a 12 hour clock that will use a DS1302 to keep track of the time; right now I am trying to control the display. I have a somewhat working test program that counts from 0 to 9. But I cannot figure out what would be the best way to display the clock info. I took a shot at it but I am running out of space (I think).

Could someone please take a look at my code and give me some ideas or pointers on how I can make this program work. Now I don’t want anyone doing the work (that is my job) so if you can explain what I should do, I would be a happier person.

I have included my working test program “name_tag.SXB’
And I have included my problem program “Clock.SXB”

Thank you for any input.


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    It looks like you are not declaring your SUBs and FUNCs in the beginning of the program.
    That should take care of the errors.

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    Thank you bean i will give it a try. i am so used to PBASIC.
  • TCTC Posts: 1,019
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    Thank you Bean, now I can continue learning. But I do have one easy question. I am having trouble understanding what the main deference is between SUB and FUNC. Could you or someone please shed some light on this subject?
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    A subroutine doesn't return any values. A function does (though it doesnt have to).

    Hope that helps
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