MoCog - A Motorola 6809 emulator for the Propeller

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Introducing MoCog an emulation of the Motorola 6809 microprocessor for the Propeller.

In the few slack moments I have nowadays I have been converting the ZiCog Z80 emulator into a 6809 emulator. As usual with me this is a very unfinished early release. There is a lot of code in place but very little is tested. So far it just about single steps its way through a short loop of

ADDA $01
JMP $0000

No flag setting is in place.

This should compile with BST or homespun for the Prop Demo Board if the following defines are set: "PropDemoBoard" and "SingleStep".

Just compile, download and watch the output in the terminal window of BST or ProTerminal or whatever. Hit any key to take single steps through the loop.

I have left Cluso's code for the TriBladeProp platform (external RAM) in place but It's best he reviews it I guess.

What's this for? No idea but I want to see CUBIX running on the Prop possibly followed by FLEX, SK*DOS and/or One MAn Unix (OMU).

Edit: 8 Jul 2009 Latest version is 0.5. All op-codes now in place. Runs a GCC compiled test program (See the ram_6809 area in mocog_demo.spin). Not many ops do any flag setting yet.

Edit: 14 Jul 2009. Latest version is 0.6. Changed to run a 6809 test program. All addressing modes are working. Most other ops not yet. But at least the tests run !!!

For me, the past is not over yet.

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