Piezo Speaker Question

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Two piezo speakers give stereo sound.
What is the name of three piezo speakers sound?




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    3-channel audio? The only 'standard' I have seen that involved multiple channels died out in the 70's. It was quadrasound I believe. Of course we have surround sound, but it is usually 4, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channels. So yeah, I would say three audio sources would just be 3-channel sound. Take care.

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    It depends on what that third piezo is doing. For example, if it were a subwoofer smile.gif or a mixed-signal center speaker, it would still be considered stereo, in the sense that only two distinct sound channels are involved. BTW, according to the OED, stereo- comes from the Greek stereos meaning "solid" or three-dimensional. So any number of speakers could be considered "stereo" if it gives the illusion of immersion in a 3D sound environment. So the two-speaker systems we usually call "stereo", could also be called "biphonic" to distinguish them from systems with more sound sources. This is different from "binaural" sound, which is recorded with a head-shaped model having ear-implated microphones and requiring headphones to appreciate. With additional processing binaural sound transcends to the next level: "holophonic" sound. The demos on this page, when listened to with good-quality headphones, will make the hairs on your neck stand on end!

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    Chris & Phil:
    Wow, very good explanations. Thank you.
    The demo sounds were awesome. Great find!
    So three piezo speakers could be named
    "three channel stereo." I will use this terminology
    for the word definitions for the new Stamp 3D computer.

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