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Number of cogs?

parskoparsko Posts: 501
edited 2006-04-10 21:29 in Propeller 1
Just thinking to myself, after looking at all the objects on the object library page. Is there a way to tell how many cogs each object will require to run? Would a part time cog be a #.1?



  • Paul BakerPaul Baker Posts: 6,351
    edited 2006-04-10 21:24
    Count the number of COGNEWs used, if a COGNEW calls non-ending code, it is a permanent cog. If the code returns, it is a temporary cog (spin code doesn't do an infinite loop, or asm does a COGID, COGSTOP). The total amount of permanent and temporary cogs running at any time must be 8 or fewer.

  • parskoparsko Posts: 501
    edited 2006-04-10 21:29
    I suppose my question was more of a request than a question, and should have been directed towards the IT department [noparse]:([/noparse] But, from a designer's perspective, wouldn't it be easy to add a column to the chart, so you would be able to know offhand. OH, and I forgot the other thing, I'm lazy [noparse]:)[/noparse]

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