different kinds of switches?

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So what's the difference between a Tact switch and a normally open switch? The Tact one seems to be also a 'normally open switch'.

Also, what kind of switch should I be look for if I want it to stay closed when pressed, and open when pressed once more?



  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
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    That would be a Push-On/Push-Off switch.· Jameco has a nice selection of them.·· www.jameco.com

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  • Jim McCorisonJim McCorison Posts: 359
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    Ok, novice question....

    What is the difference between a push button and a tact switch? They both appear to be pushbutton switches. Is "tact" short for "tactile", as in the switch has a snappier tactile feeling to it?

  • Lee HarkerLee Harker Posts: 104
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    The term tactile in reference to a pushbutton refers to the tactile feedback. It will have a "click" feel to it so you know that it has been pressed without looking. Normally open or normally closed is a description of the electrical function of the switch and is independent of the tactile feedback.
    Hope this helps.
  • MacGeek117MacGeek117 Posts: 747
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    Jim-tactile switches also have a tab on them that closes the switch. -bugg
  • Jim McCorisonJim McCorison Posts: 359
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    Bugg said...
    tactile switches also have a tab on them that closes the switch.

    Ok, I get the tactile part. I thought that's what was implied by the name, but didn't want to assume.

    Bugg, what do you mean by a tab? Do you mean the internal construction within the switch?

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