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Just a quick question.· Is it damaging to the servos to run them faster that norm? ( about 60-63rpm )
yah i'm still learning the basics.· (but i'm entitled to be ignorant until i'm 18roll.gif )

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    Are you going to make the servo run faster by increasing the volts supplied to the servo?
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    It depends on how you do it. The Boe-Bot with a brand new set of four 1.5 V alkaline batteries will run the Boe-Bot (Parallax Continuous Rotation) servos close to 60 RPM.

    DO NOT try to use a higher voltage battery to make the servos go faster.· I have smoked Parallax Continuous Rotation servos with 9 V batteries.· Not good...

    You can safely reduce the PAUSE time between pulses to increase the servo speed. For example, full-speed forward is usually:

    PULSOUT 13, 850
    PULSOUT 12, 650
    PUASE 20

    You can change the PAUSE 20 command to PAUSE 1, and it should speed the servos up by a few RPM. The relative speed control is still accomplished with the PULSOUT commands.

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    yes the volts where incresed.· But only to 6.75v.· I'm experimenting with rechargables (five 1.35v batterys to gether)· I Cannot imagine that small a increase doing damage but just wanted to make shure.

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    That'll probably be OK.· If your Boe-Bot·has a board of Education Rev C, you can protect your servos by setting the power jumper between the servo ports to Vdd (instead of Vin).· Your servos will go a tad slower, but they'll probably last longer.· See page 52 of Robotics with the Boe-Bot v2.2, available from the Parallax -->·Downloads --> Stamps in Class Tutorials page.
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    Thanks for the help, it helped.

    Ben Damon

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    How about trying a high-speed servo, modified for continuous rotation?

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