No feedback from pushbuttons

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I've upploaded the program "HexcrawlerPSCbutton" on to the BS2. And the folloing accures:
··· Debug Terminal #1 pop's up with no information in the blue field.
····The 7-segment LED doe's not react.
·····And the Hexcrawler just stands there doing nothing,·the only·sound is the buzzing·sound of servoes.

Set up:
BS2 on the BOE
BASIC Stamp·Editor v2.0
I've also tryed v2.1 (there is no difference in performance).
Ive redone the wiering a number of times. To no effect.

I'm stomped. Wath is wrong?
Is there som sort of firmwere uppgrade avaliable?

I've done the seven-segment test (page 69 in the manual), and·there was no problem.

This is a student project

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    A typical newby flaw is to not connect the grounds of the servo's to the ground of the BS2. The response you are getting implies this is the case. You *must* connect the ground of the servo power supply to the ground of the BS2 power supply.

    That is needed for the Servo unit to properly read the servo control signal.
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    I have grounded the powersuply fore the servos with the BS2's powersupply, and fixe an earthing error with the P15 connection. So now everything apparently is working. but it is still not lifting a leg.

    The program·I am trying·is Table_PCE_Button.bs2

    I have also tryed HexcrawlerPSCbutton.bs2

    And it is not moving.

    Any suggestions? anyone?

    This is a student project
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