USB Rev B Carrier Board jumper settings

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Hi. I am just starting out with the USB Robotics with the Boe-Bot kit. I've gotten to page 59 (printed manual) "Finding the connection Instructions for your Carrier Board".There is a "i" paragraph describing what to do with Board of Education Rev B, but I believe it is outdated for my USB Board B because I do have a 3-position switch and jumpers for power.

1) What is the correct jumper settings for my USB Board of Education Rev B Board?

2) Do I continue to follow REV C instructions throughout the manual?

I was surprised to learn that my AA Nimhs were no good due to there lower voltage. I have always tried to use Nihms because discarded old batteries are bad for the enviroment. The Board has a 9 volt batterie socket but the manual states "Use only supplies with DC output voltage ratings between 6 and 7.5 v".

3) Is it ok to use a 9 volt Nihm batterie for Robotics with the Boe-Bot?



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    (1) Use the same connection as you would for the serial BOE - Vin (6V) with 4AAs powering the servos.

    (2) Yes, the only difference you will encounter with the USB version is the cable (it is USB instead of serial) and your initial download to the BASIC Stamp may require the installation of the drivers for the USB BOE. It seems as if you have already programmed the Stamp and the drivers are installed.

    (3) Yes, but you should switch the servo power jumper to Vdd (5V) because 9V could damage the servos [noparse][[/noparse]according to our tech support, though SumoBot competitors use 9V all the time].

    Best of luck!

    Ken Gracey
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    Much obliged.

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    As for discarding old batteries and the environment...Radio Shack stores have battery returns where you can drop them off, and they are supposed to be taking care them in an environmentally safe manner.· That's what I do with mine.

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