Is there a connector for a servo or ESC?

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Is there a regular 3-pin female for this or do·I have to·just use one of the i/o pins and hook it to + and gnd? Kind of messy. I was hoping for a connector.


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    R/C hobby shops usually sell connectors of all types. There are many online sources for quality connectors.

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    Usually Servo's are intended to be installed in an RC airplane or as an RC automobile control. As such, they have a short 3-wire connector intended to be plugged on to pins sticking up from a circuit board.

    You can make a connector to use with these. I believe it is the smallest 'molex' type connector. They make two flavors of pins -- one with a female socket, one with a pin already attached.

    You MIGHT be able to find pre-fabricated 'Servo Extension' cables. Check in their aviation section.
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