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Trying out the search function...
Entered "DIRS" which was in the topic of a post in the Stamps section and got no hit. Entered dirh, which was in the text of one of the posts under that topic, and did get a hit. It seems kind of strange that keywords in the topic itself are not included. I'm looking for the powerful search and capture functions--where might they be? Also, the spell checker (my D- subject!)

-- Tracy.

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    The search features are all located on the one search page. The database that drives the search results does not appear to be populated. I will attend to that today.

    Spell checking is not available in this version of the forum software. We are talking with dotNetbb about installing a plug-in spell checker until they make the feature available in their software.
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    Inadvertently, the topic of this message is "no subject", whereas it should have been something like, "search function, huh?" I missed the subject line when I started this tread (my first).

    I wonder if it is possible to have the software insist that every message have a topic? For example, my email program (Eudora) prompts me every time I forget to put in a subject line.
    Having good topics for reference makes reading the messages easier, I know. Also it should make searching them easier.

    Which brings me back to that issue. When I press the search button and search for "no subject" in this forum, it finds a message that has the word "subject" in it, but not my message that has the topic "no subject". I'm looking to see if there are any hierarchical or boolean search capabilites for the archived messages. I guess I should look at the help files. I like the capabilty to zero in quickly on past messages that covered a given topic already or mentioned a certain thing. The search results should be very compact and themselves searchable, because as the archive grows, the number of hits will also grow and will need to be narrowed down by hierarchical or boolean search.


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    I'll see what I can do about the blank subject line. You're right in that it is easy to miss when starting a topic.

    In reference to·the search capabilities of this system, everything you see on the search form is all that is available to create selection creiteria. We can certainly request additional query capabilities from dotNetbb. The question will become, how soon can they be realized.

    The indexes for the site have been rebuilt. I think you will find more hits on your searches. From your first post, I have confirmed that the search engine is not doing a very good job of indexing subject lines. It seems to do quite well with the body of a post.
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    ha, you are getting killled with changes to the forums [noparse]:)[/noparse]

    Guys... i think we need to stop asking, can you move this to there and this to there... Because he will be changing stuff for the life of the forum at this rate. If it is something you wanted change because of your personal preference, please hold back [noparse]:)[/noparse]

    I think your doing great! I hope you are getting paid the Big bucks

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    Why not use the free IE spell checker· ?

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    IESpell is a client-side plugin that only works with Internet Explorer style browsers. I suppose members who are using IE can drop it in on their systems, if they want.

    The best solution is a server-side module that is browser independant and works within the .Net framework.


    Parallax IT Dept.
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    Thanks Peter, I'll look into that client side spell checker. I use Safari or IE on the Mac. The Eudora spell checker is just amazing, and I still copy text into a message window there just to spell check it.

    Thanks for looking into these things. I don't mean to put on pressure. I am sure you have plenty to keep you busy! I can live with it as it is, and it is sure way way way better than the Web interface on Yahoo!


    P.S. Safari (the Apple issue browser) has a built in spell checker (I just discovered!).

    Tracy Allen

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