admin, can the emiticons be turned off on the sidebar

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IF I have to use this forum mechanism,

at least allow me to have a plain text interface.

Animated emoticons are a form of agravating visual noise to me.

How do I turn off the emoticons.

Also, with a 1024x768 desktop resolution, this forum entry screen takes more than a third of the screen real-estate.· How can I turn off the Post Icons, and the various message toolbars.



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    The only options available impact all users on the site. I'll check with the dotNetBB folks to see if there is anything else I can do.
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    You can "stop" the emoticons with the IExplorer preferences/Advanced Options.

    See the attachment.

    (Sorry, my IExplorer is Spanish version, but it's easy to find·in preferences)

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    click printable at the top of the window. It givs you a text only window, the only problem is that you have to do it each time you change topics. I have to do this on my IPAQ because of all the graphics garbage that takes up most of the screen.
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