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P2 Accy not working — Parallax Forums

P2 Accy not working

I have the P2 Eval Rev. B, when I run charlieplex in flexGUI it works, but the Jm es control demo does not work. My button board doesn't work, but if I touch the pins underneath the led's flicker


  • I got VGA working just had to change the pin group
  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 7,412
    edited 2020-12-10 00:43
    I wrote my code on a Rev 2 Eval board. Are you specifying the correct base pin for the board?

    Another thing, Bob. In my demos you have to open PST, enable it, and then press a key. I'm running the demo that uses the Control board (on P32) and the Charlieplex LED board (P40) right now.
  • I just ran your jm_ez button works good, but have to reconfigure to run button 1 and 2 with the P2 accy kit button control, if you touch pin 31 to 3.3v works and pin 24 to ground it works. just have to change BTN pulldown, pullup etc. so 1 and 2 work with accy kit button control. I'll go back to charlieplex and try again.
  • Charlieplex works and buttons just had to change Pin group. I like to keep accy. boards as pictured in the sales ad on parallax. So i change pin group in the demo.
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