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Propeller Tool 2.4r3 and Debug — Parallax Forums

Propeller Tool 2.4r3 and Debug

The description says:

Updated to include P2 compiler release from 10/25/2020; same as in PNut v34z

but it doesn't contain the debug stuff. Is Debug not part of the compiler? Or is it just because it lacks the debug commands? I noticed Propeller Tool and PNut have different commands for Ctrl+F9, Ctrl+F10 & Ctrl+F11.


  • PNut is a functional debuger, but it is not completely integrated into Proptool yet. last I heard we will get there this month.
    The debugger is in there, just not working yet in proptool.
    Can't find where i read that right now, but I'm almost awake enough to vouch for myself.
  • That sounds right. It's probably in the code. There's just nothing in the interface that allows you to invoke it.
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