First Completed Project - Social Distance Meter with sideways LCD

After playing around with the Basic Stamp and Propeller for a couple of years, I finally completed a project. This unit functions but is not intended to be a serious tool. It's more of a conversation piece for outside gatherings. Family and friends have gotten a kick out of it.

Components: Propeller Mini, 4x 20 LCD, Piezo speaker, and Ping sensor. Programming is in BlocklyProp.

I'm particularly proud of my use of the 4x20 LCD in sideways mode. I had to create the character set and write a subroutine to "print" them. My character set includes the number "11" because it was doable and because the unit gives dimensions in feet and inches. Note, if the distance includes 10 inches, I just round that to 11.

I used a 9V battery to keep the footprint small, but the LCD drains it pretty fast. Also note that the piezo is silent when the distance is > 6 feet, and the tone gets higher and faster as the distance closes.

A short clip of the unit in action is here:



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