It works! Hardware took some time to get going, but software was a snap.

Currently just using the default timings for WVGA display (800x480).

Need to adjust these, but it works!

Just populated and baked this expansion board today. It's got a BT816 EVE3 GPU coupled with a ADV7125 3-channel DAC.
There's also a couple tiny chips to select sync signals between P2 and EVE. It's rigged so can output VGA either from EVE3 or P2.

Screenshot isn't the fanciest, but I don't have any way to push the button :(


  • Nice one Ray!
  • T ChapT Chap Posts: 4,035
    edited 2020-10-17 - 02:40:40
    Is FPC for LCD option ? No traces to it.
  • That was so I could reuse the stencil for lcd ...
  • Adv chip costs a lot... think I need to send the 24 color lines back into P2 and let it do the dac part to save $$$
  • Got SVGA (800x600) resolution working.
    Refresh rate is 54 Hz, a bit low, but should work on most monitors.
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
  • 720p works at 58 Hz refresh!

    This is a nice one.

    Wasn't sure it would work with EVE3.
    Thought I might have had to wait for EVE4...
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
  • RaymanRayman Posts: 11,372
    edited 2020-10-25 - 01:45:44
    Some more testing shows that this 720p is not universally recognized.
    Looks like it works with newer monitors as VGA.
    But, when using my VGA->HDMI adapter, it's recognized as 600p and only shows a part of the screen :( Maybe the sync polarity is off or something...

    Got HDMI to recognize as 720p on 2 out of 3 monitors by playing with horizontal settings. But, it's not filling the screen entirely...
    I'm guessing it's the VGA->HDMI adapter having a hard time decoding the VGA signal...
    Maybe need to tweak the timings some more...

    The bottom is a bit cut off on this TV, but not on the monitors. Think that's the TV cutting off the edges...
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
  • Playing around with timings, I found one that at least works on all my test monitors with the VGA->HDMI adapter. Has some reverse letterboxing on the sides, but maybe that's not horrible. Wonder if a different crystal would help... Or, maybe just wait for EVE4...
    4032 x 3024 - 3M
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