Model Railroad Engine Controller(ActivityBoardWX,DualMC33926,Sound,Smoke,AxleSensor,14vDCC,SuperCAP)



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    I haven't been following this since it is about spin and I only do C. I did read through most of the discussion and see your having issues with the RFID tags. May be you could use a Sharp Detector 28938. I would use a Hall effect transistor and a magnet to detect an object passing by.

    I think using the WiFi and a cell phone you could build a app that controls the train speed and using the Accelerometer have it slow down on turns and when it comes into a station.

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    That sharp detector's range isn't even 1/4 inch, parts on the train would smash that close, I need a range of around 3inch-5inch.

    The laser ping seems promising due to the fact that the hole for the lasers is small in width, and the range allows the 1-5i nch range to the surface of the track, and sleepers.

    I was able to send the caboose movement signal to the engine's web page,
    and trigger a beep if its not moving, and stop beeping if it is moving.
    It works ok, but the wx wifi module's prop to prop data transfer process is still too slow.
    Its due to the connect and close process being many seconds in length.
    At this point i wonder if anyone even cares about the little features like a beeping webpage when the caboose stops moving, lol.
    I will upload a copy of that also probably, its a fun lesson on making webpages do things.
    The wx module gets near its limits with this kind of web, telnet, prop programming, and prop to prop communication.

    I think a big issue with the wx module is it only has 4 listener connections, and 4 handle connections,
    if you try to connect after using all those up, and even use the telnet terminal connection,
    and then even try to reprogram the prop over wifi, you will find that your module's head is exploding.

    A new esp32 based module with more connection ability might be nice?
    But that is a whole new beast.
    I suppose two wifi modules could be used to increase the amount of communication channels.

    Like one WX module for a prop to prop.
    And the main WX module to accept webpage interface, prop programming, and telnet.?
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    I would like to see a high level drawing of the communication that you want to happen and see if there is a simple solution that could be used.

    Increasing the channels may not fix the issue. There is only one event at a time that you can react to without loosing the other event. I don't like the way that web pages are setup. You should just be able to define web request that you want to process without defining any channels. When a request is received the propeller code can decide what to do with the request and send a response. No channel is needed.

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