"4X4 keypad reader Demo. spin" (Saved from OBEX)


  • All I need to do is post every OBEX spin object in ascending order on this thread. Then you could scroll down and click on the one you need.
  • I will take some effort to complete.
  • Don't be shy to kick in your spin file on this thread fellas.
  • Autodatalogger with Vdrive3
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    A forum thread couldn't possibly be easier to use than even raw downloads from Github. This is going to get so messy. Github is far more organized and searchable than a forum thread.

    And it would be much less work for you to familiarize yourself with git than to complete your present endeavor. Git really isn't all that hard, and its power and flexibility more than makes up for any difficulties you might encounter while learning it.
  • I already know Git don't really like it. It sometimes difficult to weed through some of the BS on there. I know with Arduino lot of outdated stuff or missing libraries etc. On this thread if your where looking for a datalogger you just click on the spin file and it opens up your spin tool and your running. Doesn't any easier than that. "Bada Bing". If you can scroll and read the alphabet it should be OK.
    I really think stuff like this should be the work of Parallax itself. to gather and test good spin solutions and post them in an easy format (like we had with OBEX). This is why Mikroe sales numbers are good. It's about buy the product, modules, and easy library soluitions to get you running ASAP. That's their sales pitch.
  • A thread isn't the right tool for this job.
    Start a wiki with one page per object.
    Eeeeh... GitHub/GitLab offer Wikis too!

    Or add objects to the existing PropellerWiki?
    Please ask the owner first.
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