Complete OBEX Library download?

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Is there a way to download a complete image of the OBEX library at one time? Or to get the whole library on a DVD?

These days I am using a netbook quite a bit and not near free Wifi. It would be useful to periodically create a complete ZIP image with an MD5sum to verify it is good.

I am sure some schools would prefer to have such an image on their own file server rather than have to provide direct access to the internet in their classrooms as well.


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    great idea
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    I did a webcrawl of it and was able to download all links properly except the actual obex attached objects, they downloaded fine, but the names of the files was lost so I had to guess if the file was a rar, zip, spin, etc, not very pleasent.

    So I would like a way to download a archived offline obex also.

    I don't have net access all the time, welcome to what will be common place for many if the economy continues like this.
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    +1 here too.

    I've attempted a "wget" in the past without success. I'd love to have a copy to distribute at UPE shows. This thread probably belongs on "Suggestions" but I'm sure someone will see it. I'd personally be happy to "seed" a .torrent.

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    If I had put this in 'Suggestions', I doubt it others would have chimed in.

    And so, if you really want this keep bumping it to the top of the Propeller Forum.
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    I too would like to be able to get the entire OBEX in one zip available for download.
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    Apologies if I got this started in the wrong forum topic. It was really a question rather than a suggestion.

    Anyway, BitTorrent would be an excellent way to handle downloads if it is quite large. I'd be willing to seed for Parallax as well. I've used them quite often for Linux distros from far across the globe - quick and painless. They just have to originate from a credible source (Like Linux distros do).

    The average BitTorrent site, like Pirate Bay will handle anything with dubious outcomes.
  • I have found a couple posts about the old OBEX site being more user-friendly than GITHUB. I can’t say I disagree however the move seems permanent. A while ago, some genius (name is somewhere on the forums I’m sure) saved the whole OBEX in a single .zip and I was fortunately enough to nab it up before it disappeared.

    It’s a little over 100 MB and it’s a simple folder-based organization as seen below. There are no frills, but here it is. 😊


    Complete OBEX:
    1204 x 856 - 544K
  • I also would like to download it all 😀
  • The original download is still available on my site (see my signature)
    And JD appears to have uploaded it to the link at the bottom of his post ^^^
  • I downloaded this to a USB stick but when I open an object it shows for 5 or 10 seconds and then gives an error and closes. What's wrong?

    Oh how I miss the OBEX!

  • What's the error? Have you tried downloading it to your computer instead of the usb stick? There are also lots of links now in this thread, so you'll need to say which one you used.
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