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edited 2020-09-15 - 05:18:18 in Propeller 2
I have just added Catalina 4.5 to SourceForge. There is not much by way of new functionality in this release, just some bug fixes. Here is an extract from the README.TXT file:

1. Fixed a bug in the lock processing logic that meant locks may not have
   worked correctly in multithreaded programs. Affected the Propeller 2 only.

2. Fixed a bug in the "dining philosophers" demo programs that prevented the
   programs from exhibiting the expected deadlock behviour.

3. Modified various versions of the "dining philosophers" demo programs to
   allow most options to be configured on the command line.

4. Fixed a typo in the _thread_stop() library function that prevented it from
   compiling correctly.

5. Added a workaround to a bug in the dynamic memory management library
   functions (i.e.  malloc(), free() etc) that meant programs would not
   execute correctly in some circumstances. Affected the Propeller 2 only.


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