[Spin2] What Happened to getms()?

The compiler is okay with getsec(), but seems to have lost getms(). What happened? If we can only have one, getms() is far more useful.


  • I will see about getting it back in.

    We do have GETUS (us).
  • Hello Jon & Chip
    I found getsec() in pnut34u
    but no getms() or getus().
    do Chip run out of byte codes?

    getms() is most useful, then getsec() and then maybe getus()
  • roglohrogloh Posts: 2,472
    edited 2020-08-01 - 21:42:24
    If it's a byte code issue maybe it could be solved by returning both secs and usecs as a pair from the 64 bit count, now Spin2 has the ability to return multiple values. Of course this may not help resolve it if it's a limited space issue in the COG for containing the code.
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