Question about using P2 for Hardware development.



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    Yes, I know. There are a number of them tag-teaming my idea.
    Troll-bots - or brainwashed capitalist protectionists. They are functionally the same thing.
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    This thread is not heading in a productive direction, is not acceptable by forum guidelines, and will be closed.

    I would like to remind participants that the forum is a place to share ideas and engage with others who are interested in topics relating to Parallax hardware and software. This is not the place to engage in negative feedback toward each other, and certainly not a place for political debates or name-calling.

    If an opinion is not agreed with, then ignore it and focus on those which are of interest.
    If an opinion is not fully understood, then engage and seek understanding.

    Write about others politely, as you would wish to be written about, and take care of each other.

    I would suggest a break from the forum for all participants on matters related to this thread topic.
    For those interested, it seems taking time to reflect on plans and perhaps start some actual experiments could be appropriate, as the project advice shared here seems to have yielded all that it can at this stage of the project.

    Build stuff, write stuff, try stuff; that would seem to be a path to progress.
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