Something I have been working on while figuring out smart pins...

It's very much a work in progress, but figured I'd share anyway:

It's mostly just arranging/reformatting the existing data from the docs for now.


  • Nice Roy!
  • Looks good, Roy.
  • Updated with more stuff, link didn't change (see first post).
  • Just FYI, this is made via a bunch of javascript code and markdown syntax, including using wavedrom. So, it's easily changed/reformatted/etc.
    If you click on the left side border area it will expand to show the code below. You can even try making changes to see how it works, but you won't be able to save changes unless you fork it to a new page (github style).

    wavedrom is pretty cool, you can do bitfields (like I have used) as well as timing diagrams and logic circuit diagrams. &
  • evanhevanh Posts: 9,044
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    It's not working for me. Presumably due to script blocking. I get a message at the bottom saying "Notebook not responding" with an option to view in safe mode. And doing so just gives me all the source code.

    Lol, got there in the end. Just had to rinse and repeat five or six times on the domain blockings.

  • Link works on my phone, but not on my PC...

    Can't really see it on the phone because it won't scale...
  • Roy ElthamRoy Eltham Posts: 2,801
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    The observablehq link or the wavedrom links?

    They all work for me in Chrome on Win10. The observablehq one doesn't work in edge or ie. I don't have firefox to test. I tested on firefox and it worked also.

    It may be using newer features that not all browsers support...
  • I sent in a complaint email. I have to trick the site that my android phone browser is a desktop pc.
  • I'm just using it as a tool for now. The site does let me download the code/etc. to reproduce my page on a different host (like my own), so I may do that when I have time.
  • It's fine to keep it on observable. Sometimes those startup companies need some hits with a clue bat.
  • @Roy Eltham

    your link did not work
  • pilot0315 wrote: »
    @Roy Eltham

    your link did not work

    The website works for me. What does not work mean?
  • Working in Win10 Prp and Chrome.
  • The site seems to require a fairly new browser with recent features.
    So if you are not up to date, or using a browser that doesn't have the features it fails.

    Sorry. It's just a reorganizing and pretty-ifying (or ugly-ifying depending on your taste) of existing data in the P2 docs.
  • Oh. For what it's worth i emailed their support person about the lack of horizontal scroll on a cellphone browser, and they said:

    Wrap the content in a div with overflow-x: auto; (or make the content responsive).

    The issue described is partially due to the way Observable sandboxes user content, but it's possible it could change in the future.
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    I note you've left the last mode (%11...) unnamed. I've name it as COMP_DAC mode. Short for Comparator. I chose the name after working through the sub-modes of DAC mode, which were each named COG_DAC mode, SMART_DAC mode and BIT_DAC mode.

    COG_DAC mode is primarily for the streamers but also SETDACS instruction.
    SMART_DAC mode is for the associated smartpin, ie: The three DAC smartpin modes.
    BIT_DAC mode is the dual level preset that OUT toggles between.

    Here's my attempt -

  • evenh,
    Thanks, I wasn't sure what to call it since it wasn't really explained well. I haven't gotten to that yet in my testing with the scope/analyzer.
    I hope to get back to it this weekend.

    I have been working from home (and will be for at least a month or so), so I don't have the extra free time like some do because of this mess we are in.
  • evanhevanh Posts: 9,044
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    Is that an increased workload or just the lack of delineation at home making you say no free time?

    Ah, I see, you're saying you're not going to be playing more because your work is doable at home.

    Hmm, no such restrictions in New Zealand just yet. Hopefully the virus won't spread at all here. So far, all detected cases here are recent arrivals and some immediate family. There is now a travel ban so tourism, was our #1 earner, is completely knocked on the head.

  • Yeah,
    Just staying the same as before. My day job is coding, and when I get off work I usually don't feel like doing even more coding, so I do other things then. My P2 time will be mostly on the weekends.

    I really want to visit New Zealand some day. Friends have and what they shared was pretty great.
  • Ugh, I spoke too soon. We have two untracked cases today and a lot more restrictions have been issued, including the cancellation of all domestic flights I think. So the airports are all but shutdown I guess.

  • evanhevanh Posts: 9,044
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    Sigh, looks like a major vector was an international conference held in Queenstown ... less than two weeks ago! Whoever let that go ahead that late in the curve was being properly dumb.

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    After four months, I finally took my stove out of the box (until yesterday, it was in the living room), and put it in the kitchen. Starting today, I will have to cook my own food! :fearful:
  • Well, that's a quick transition, the whole country is going into full lock-down on Wednesday. Everyone non-essential is being asked to almost self-isolate for four weeks. Still can go buy food. I'll be buying for my aunt and uncle who are over 80. And will have a bottle of methylated spirits in the car too.

  • Gee that changed fast evanh. NZ, like our Tassie, was looking a fair way 'behind' other countries

  • Yeah, we had some confidence for a while. But I guess those two mystery cases were the wakeup that the virus wasn't contained any longer. Presumably the new angle of hitting the spread hard is an attempt to reacquire containment. That would certainly be the best outcome.

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