I am Working On Bringing A New EE To Parallax

After caring for my mother and after her death, I had to resort back to my best way of making a living, which is being an electrician. I got hired by a company, of two partners, I believe they are both EEs, but one definitely is. I have been talking to the definite EE for a little while, and I am trying to respark his interest into electronics. Tomorrow, I will show show him a brand new WiFi board, a brand new bluetooth board, and a brand new Propeller Project Board. Although I hate to depart with my new Project Board, I am going to give it to him as a GIFT, with one stipulation, if he is not interested, please give it back :) God only knows where this could lead, because he does seem interested.


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  • idbruce,

    Just a guess but I think your EE's specialty is Power Electronics.
  • idbruce

    Without stating the obvious .... couldn't you just ask and know for sure?
  • Well I know that he has an interest in common electronics, that he has messed with microcontrollers in the past, and that he has read the datasheet for the Propeller Project Board. He told me last night that he must now find a project for his new board :) I asked him if he has visited the fourm yet and he said no. Hopefully it will catch his interest.
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