HDMI connection from P2 not recognized by TV

RaymanRayman Posts: 10,068
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I think there was a discussion about something like this before, but I couldn't find it...

Tried to connect P2 to brand new TV and it won't recognize the signal.
This is the TV: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-32-class-led-720p-smart-hdtv-fire-tv-edition/6247254.p?skuId=6247254

I've tried several computer monitors and they all work as expected.

I also tested with an HDMI switch and it doesn't quite work right either.
Interestingly, if I connect the signal to switch input #1 and disconnect all other inputs, it will send signal through to a projector...
But, I can't select that input with the button if other things are also connected to the switch.

So, I think the TV must be looking for something that my P2 board is not providing.
Maybe it's the 5V signal? I tried giving it 5V using a resistor, but that didn't work. Maybe not enough current...

Any ideas? I think there's also an I2C connection. Maybe this is required by some devices?


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