Tachyon NEON V5 (FAT32 and Ethernet Servers in 32kB EEPROM!)



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    I used the command line tool under Linux; I think that loading the file into PropellerIDE added some line breaks or something which prevented it from working. Certainly it is working now!

    /opt/parallax/bin/propeller-load -r TACHYON.binary

    Now all I have to do is learn Forth! :-D

    welcome - and have FUN

    just start with Peter's examples and oneliners with immediate feedback
    then work through the stack words and watch a lot with .S
    so you get a feeling whats going on under the hood

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    There is just so much runtime and dev stuff built into Tachyon that I tend to forget myself. Even the control key shortcuts are handy such as ^? to list the current stack and stats. ^S is also handy for clearing the stack too. If you want to know more about a word then type HELP <word> and it will list the internals of it including header info.

    A terminal capture example of using HELP
    ...  : MYDEMO 10 FOR I . NEXT ;
    ...  MYDEMO --> 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  ok
    ...  HELP MYDEMO 
    5A3C 3C84 0 MYDEMO
    3C84: 800A  10
    3C86: 0156  FOR
    3C88: 0172  I
    3C8A: 0416  .
    3C8C: 0166  NEXT
    3C8E: 005A  EXIT

    If you want to test code that can fit onto one line then you don't need to define a word before executing it. In the case of MYDEMO you could just as easily type in "10 FOR I . NEXT" interactively. Normally you can't have compile-only words executed interactively in traditional Forths, and there are no special interpret vs compile words either so that ." HELLO WORD" works either way.

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  • Hi there,
    Is there a way to include files to build your application?
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    kdewey wrote: »
    Hi there,
    Is there a way to include files to build your application?

    Forth does not use a classical compile/link model. Instead an IMAGE-Model.
    Just start from a base Tachyon image with Kernel, Extend, (Filesystem ...) loaded.
    And then paste in additional code from your editor into the terminal.
    after "loading"/"including" all this code
    do a BACKUP and the actual status of the image is saved into EEPROM - ready at next boot.

  • @ErNa - it's worse than that! :smile: Not only is there a test version of EASYFILE but there is also the TAQOZ version being rehashed, all into one. So all those goodies that I've done for TAQOZ including formatting etc will work on the P1 too! In the process Tachyon and TAQOZ will be more compatible which may involve some renaming etc so that the new Tachyon will become a V6 Turbo. Part of this testing involves digging out dozens of different designs of mine and checking it on them too. I am even playing with one of Cluso99's P8XBlade2 modules that I had to replace the crystal with a 6Mhz cylindrical type to get it working though. Wonder what was wrong with it? :wink:

    If it weren't for compatibility I would never bother with any MS filesystem. Besides none of them are really designed for SD cards or embedded systems. But I try to make the best of it by imposing my own operating conditions once it is in a system.
    Unusual as I test all pcbs properly. Remember it uses a 12MHz xtal so you must use pllx8.
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