I need to ask a silly question about the 2X16 :LCD Display and the Stamp 1

It seems even I have those kinds of situations. and in this case regarding the Stamp 1 and the 2X16 LCD Display. For example, on the Stamp 2, I can have the display stream allow a value delimiter which would have the display show me the numbers the calculator is having the stamp process and then also display in the classic debug terminal screen.

However with the Stamp 1, working the same calculator to stamp program, within reason, that the Stamp 2, (that is translated from a Stamp 2 program) also runs and does that, I can not seem to get it to send to the calculator a series of numbers. Instead of seeing say "192192192" covering the display, I see "/////" doing it. The help screen, isn't, ah, helpful. What term can I throw at a serialout command to the Stamp to do that, after the pin number and the baud and before the variable.

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  • Maybe your baud rate is off?
    I have no bs1 experience, though.
  • AC, that is a good thought. But the display works with the demo programs that are a part of this one and the larger one.
    Here's the code:
    ' {$STAMP BS1}
    ' {$PBASIC 1.0}
    SYMBOL serData = B2
    DEBUG serData
    SERIN 7, T2400, serData
    DEBUG serData
    serData = serData + 1
    SEROUT 7, T2400, (serData)
    SEROUT 0, T2400, (serData)
    GOTO Main
    Here's the code. Let's see what others will make of it.
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