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    Peter, given that P2 RevB will be here soon, is there anything you would change on the original BOM for the original P2D2 to accommodate them? I still have 4 boards that nobody in the Americas wanted, (probably the SMT fear). I my get qty 10 of all the parts and apply the toaster oven magic to distribute with the new chips. Seems a shame to let these boards sit here not creating code. My be worth getting a stencil made.
    For just 4 boards, maybe it's better to put new ES2 parts onto latest P2D2R2 boards ?
    Quite a few changes were made to the BOM, all of which make a better platform, and that avoids multiple variants.

    It maybe worth considering 4 layer boards too, as that's a PCB-FAB option for P2D2 boards ?
  • Just trying to get some mileage out of these boards that have traveled a few thousand miles thanks to Peter. Staring at 5 naked boards make me sad. :)
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  • Keep them as drink coasters or hand-outs, I've still got some of those left and a whole bunch of r2s as well which I am not going to use.Now I have a whole stack of r3 pcbs that I can make up with original ES chips or wait for some new B chips. When I get more made up I will send you one :) (and one for Chip too).

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