ERSI Shapefiles

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Anyone ever processed ERSI Shapefiles on the Prop (or any platform)? I am looking at Shapelib. Not sure if I have the chops to jump into the deep end with it.

Back in the 90's I had a very small PC that would run APRSdos and it would draw maps from shapefiles. I think the Prop2 will have the memory and processing power to do something similar.

I look forward to any responses!

Terry's Workbench

Feel the need for speed between your PC's com port and Prop?
Try the FTDI 245 and the FullDuplexParallel Object.
Check out my spin driver for the Parallax "96 x 64 Color OLED Display Module" Product ID: 28087
22FPS video from the P2 on the Parallax "96 x 64 Color OLED Display Module"


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