TAQOZ - Tachyon Forth for the P2 BOOT ROM



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    I wasn't thinking of expanding the ROM, but just putting as much as possible of the newer TAQOZ into rom (prioritized, of course, by likely need) and load the lesser needed from SD, I2C, SPI, or whatever.
    That's already been done.
    hinv wrote: »
    This semiconductor fabrication is a bit out of my league, but I would think that updating ROM for a new batch of chips would be pretty trivial.
    All changes have a cost and a risk, so unless there are explicit ROM bugs found, it is unlikely Parallax would change the ROM,
    The issue currently under investigation, may not even involve a ROM layer change.

  • IIRC the ROM is not a mask layer, but built from biased transistors and was one of the first parts to be frozen, well ahead of the Verilog. Chip did mention the cost to change and it wasn’t trivial.
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